Nail Down Hardwood Floors Long Beach

Nail Down Hardwood Floors

Solid and engineered hardwood floors can all be nailed down as long as you are going over a wood sub floor. Nails are used to fasten the wood to the subfloor. These types of floors are usually from five-eighths to three quarters of an inch thick.

You might also be able to use staples instead of nails to attach the floor to the subfloor. This method is simpler than the nail down method.

We will do whatever works best for your floor after you have selected the attractive hardwood floor you want for the room.


Glue Down Hardwood Floors Long Beach

Glue Down Hardwood Floors

All engineered hardwood floors as well as some solid hardwood flooring that is 1/2″ thick or less can be glued down. These floors can be glued over concrete sub floors that have been waterproofed. Engineered floors can be glued over wood sub floors too but the nail down method is recommended.

The glue can also be surprisingly expensive so it’s best to check if other methods will work just as well or even better.


Floating Hardwood Floors

This is the fastest and easiest installation method because floating floors are not attached to a subfloor. Instead they float above the surface underneath. Either adhesive is applied to the boards or the boards are constructed to snap together.

All floating laminate flooring can be installed over concrete or wood sub-floors. The planking is installed over thick underlayment padding and secured by its own weight. Installing baseboards and thresholds around the perimeter of the new floor also help keep a floating floor in place.

Most of the time a pad is placed between the wood floor and the sub-floor. This protects against moisture and reduces noise. Laminate floors can be installed over just about any surface.



All of the hardwood floor installation systems can be replicated for a staircase. There are three kinds of stair installations:

  • Solid wood treads installed with solid wood risers or risers painted (usually white)
  • Hardwood planking and stair nosing installed on tread (horizontal surface) and hardwood planking installed on riser (vertical surface)
  • Hardwood planking and stair nosing installed on tread and riser solid wood or painted


Sanding and Refinishing

The interesting thing about hardwood floors in Southern California is that many homes already have them. Sometimes it just a matter of peeling off what is on top and refinishing the hardwood surface to its original luster.
Brits Hardwood Flooring uses only the latest technology, equipment and protective materials to refinish your hardwood floors. This allows you to display the restored floor as a major highlight of your home.








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