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Baseboard and Threshold

The baseboards can often remain undisturbed but in an older home the base shoe or quarter round molding must be removed. We will determine whether your baseboards will need to be removed. However, if you decide on new base trim, it needs to have a profile of at least 3/8″ to cover any necessary expansion gaps.

Crown Molding Installation

Tasteful crown molding can dramatically improve the aesthetics of any room in your home. Installing it is a bit trickier than other trim because it requires cutting at compound angles. Wavy walls and out-of-square corners can be tough to handle, especially for a novice.
Brits Hardwood Flooring performs creative crown molding installations. In fact, doing so has grown out of our hardwood flooring business. Customers appreciate our work on hardwood floors and ask us to perform other services like installing crown molding. No matter what the project, we will fulfill your vision of the beautification of your home.

Door and Window Casing

You can add a touch of elegance to your home or commercial building by installing beautiful hardwood to frame your doors and windows. Brits Hardwood Flooring will install door and window casings for the lobby of a fine hotel or a grand California home. Our window casing work beautifully showcases high quality hardwood that dramatically accents any room.
Finger-joined casings are great choices for exterior windows especially when the wood needs to be more protected. So, if your project calls for door and window casings, Brits Hardwood Flooring will estimate the cost, prepare a work schedule and complete a project that will mesh with your vision.

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