Dry Plywood Sub-floors

We will ensure the existing sub-floor is completely dry, fastened tightly, structurally sound, and smooth by:

  • Resetting all protruding nail heads
  • Replacing any decayed, soft or delaminated subfloor areas
  • Scraping away any construction debris, caulk, paint, etc., that has accumulated on the surface
  • Filling in low spots with patching compound until smooth
  • Acclimating the plywood underlayment

Concrete Sub-floors

Installing a hardwood floor over a concrete sub-floor can be an intricate job. So, Brits Hardwood Flooring understands that the most important factor for a successful hardwood installation over concrete is preparation. Structural integrity; a flat, even surface; and the moisture content are the three areas of concern in prepping a concrete floor.
If glued, the hardwood floor adhesive that is used will be the one that carries the manufacturer’s recommendation. If necessary, we will add the appropriate vapor retarder prior to applying the adhesive.

Demolition of Sub-floors

We provides complete sub-floor demolition services for office buildings, malls, commercial type high rise buildings and homes. We have the experience, quality workmanship and attention to detail for these types of projects. Regarding your sub-floors we can remove:

  • Concrete
  • Tile/Ceramic
  • Epoxy
  • Mastic
  • Wood Flooring
  • Carpet


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